Consulting Services

Strategy and Planning

With increasing complexity in managing information systems, Derwan Consultants believe that it is essential for CIOs to convey simple ideas (more…)

Governance and Organization

Organizations are both different and similar in many ways, although it is obvious that cultural particularities affect how (more…)

Business Case

In recent years, IT investments have come under increasing scrutiny, but it is often difficult to justify the costs against reasonable benefits. We have too often witnessed that (more…)

Business Application Selection/Design

Application design is ideally conducted in the context of process reengineering/review and is not usually carried out in a standard fashion in every organization. (more…)

Process Analysis

Process definition and analysis is the first step before attempting to reorganize or optimize operations. Standard frameworks may be useful at this point however these are only guidelines and cannot be implemented without (more…)

Mediation services

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Andre Astovasadourian is a multilingual mediator trained and accredited with ADR Group (2015) and CMC registered. andreasto-480x480   Why call on Andre? (more…)

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